What is Mystical Montage?

Welcome to my website. What is ‘mystical montage’? The name for this site simply came to me when I was exercising (working out) in my garage.

I wrote it down on my notepad. Later, I understood it was the right name. Each blog page is one bit of many bits belonging to the whole. All put together, it forms a big picture that tells a story like a movie video.

Mystical experiences or messages from the ether can be just like my message in the garage. They are just like normal everyday experiences. Thoughts flash through your mind. You ask a question, (like, what shall I name my new website?) release it into the universe, then an answer comes back to you in one form or another. The answer could be anything. Only you can interpret it.

Listening for messages can take any form. They can be any volume from loud to almost silent to very subtle practically invisible to the eye. Everyday mundane life is a mystical journey. You get clues like bread crumbs leading you to the next step. Sometimes, it dries up for a while and you wonder what’s next. Then, you may need time in varied life experiences to grow more in a particular way.





About Steven Humphreys

I live in 'sunny' California with my lovely wife, three wonderful cats and very handsome dog! I write a lot these days about different subjects I have a 'heartfelt and deep-seated' interest in. I surely hope you will find my articles 'interesting and informative' as well. I sincerely appreciate your interest and you are welcome to visit here as often as you'd like. You can read more 'about me' within this site. Thank you for visiting!
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