What is a mystic?

What is a mystic? It’s not that the world changes when you had decided to become a mystic. It’s that you will change how you look at things. I believe true mystics change. You can call it evolve, if you like. Look around you. Who do you see that changes? Not many. Most everyone stays basically the same all their lives. That’s OK. It’s our lives to live anyway we want. We can stay the same or grow.

I would say being a mystic is not easy at the very least. It’s one of the most difficult things anyone can put himself through. At least it was for me. Ever since I decided to delve into the mysteries, my life got hard getting even harder. Everything has a price tag. You find out later if the price you paid was too high or it was a bargain.

You could become the wisest most spiritually evolved man on earth and no one would understand you. You would have to talk to someone at their own level of understanding so they understood.

More realistically, someone would probably try to kill you because you were so unconventionally wise. Doesn’t it always seem like good innocent people are those who become hapless victims to horrendous crimes and violence? Why does evil seem to prevail so in this world?

But, teachers do try to teach their students at their own level in classrooms all the time. If you have kids, doesn’t it seem like they often don’t want your well intentioned suggestions? You surely don’t want them to repeat all the same mistakes in life you did, right?

You want them spared from all the pain and suffering you went through in life. Yet, you can’t really protect someone from life’s dilemmas and difficulties. In the final equation, it can only be life that teaches lessons it deems we need learn. Would one really learn anything if it all was too easy?



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