What is a mystical experience?

What is a mystical experience? I have had strange happenings or many a mystical experience; some of which I won’t talk about. But, there have been others that I may discuss and share with you throughout blog articles.

A mystical experience is not always something strange or peculiar. Regular people like myself have had them more than you might think. It’s pretty common. You hear about them all the time if you know where to look.

I have talked about how essential life experiences are and that you can’t hide from life. If you withdrawal and become a hermit you don’t mature and if you don’t mature, you are not building your own character.

Being a mystic may have something to do with religion, but more with spirituality, which is part of religion. I have no problem with faith and religion. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs. Being a mystic starts right where you are, right now. You may have a mystical experience in church.

I think mystics are probably the most down to earth centered feet on the ground people you’d ever want to meet, having had every earthly temptation thrown at them you could ever think of. Advice can be best given from someone who’s been there. Although, we can learn a great deal from mystics, everyday experiences are mandated for maturity, growth and molding character.

Avoiding doing that which you know you shouldn’t doesn’t make you more pious or spiritual. That’s not how we advance. We grow through making mistakes. Yet, once you’ve learned a lesson, character or conscience demands of you not to make the same mistake twice.

You have heard the old expression “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”? We can still all be fooled not matter how wise. We can’t perfect ourselves exclusively from a book or by wise spiritual advice. We don’t learn except from making mistakes.


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