Are all prayers answered?

Are all prayers answered? Good question. Do any prayers get answered? If so, which ones do and don’t? You see older people who seem to become even more religious. Maybe, partly it’s fear of dying or of the unknown. I think that is something normal.

They may start wondering where it is they are going. I know I am wondering about that more and more the older I get. Honestly, when you reach my age, you wonder why you didn’t have more fun when younger. If you are honest with yourself, you will find you have at least a few regrets. But, it seemed like I was busy trying to make my stake in life.

I wish I wouldn’t have made all the mistakes I did. It’s not that I wish I partied more. But, that’s the time to do that kind of stuff. When you are young. You make all your mistakes. You still have many years to hopefully make amends and repair the damage to your messed up life.

Youthful choices have made you the person you are.

If I would have known what I know now, I surely would have made entirely different choices. But then, I absolutely wouldn’t have pondered the deeper mysteries. And, I may not have been writing articles like this one about mysticism.

My youthful dilemmas and problems drove me to wonder what my purpose and mission was in life. It seemed God was not standing nearby listening waiting to tell me what to do next. I can see how my values have changed since then.

On one hand, it seemed God helped some turning his back on others when they needed him the most. We know not how god thinks nor ways in which he operates. I would say some of my sincerest prayers have been answered. But, this I cannot prove, only know.

The truth may be ‘what god does’ is nothing that concerns us. Otherwise, wouldn’t we be born with an official instruction booklet in our hand? We instead, have free will to choose this or that. How can we verify if a single prayer of ours has ever been answered? We can only speculate. God only knows.


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