Joining a mystical or occult organization

What are my views on joining a mystical or occult organization? I think if you join the right one, it could be beneficial to ones advancement. They do have study material. But, intellectualizing does not do it. Advancement is more mood and feeling. I would be very careful who I got myself mixed up with.

If you get into something you don’t feel right about, you can always resign or quit. You have to ‘feel’ right about it. Don’t let yourself get sucked into something that’s just not you!

I believe membership in a mystical organization is more a social thing than anything. And, that in itself can be good. People by nature are usually social and want to be with ‘like minded’ people. There are those who set a good example who are more advanced in their studies and can guide others like a mentor.

In your search, if you want to do something like this, I would look around to see which ones have been around for the longest time. Do your own research. Take your time. Don’t get in a hurry. The study of mysticism and becoming a mystic is a life long journey.

I would fear I would be taken advantage of by cult members because I trusted them and their teachings. We don’t want to take a path like that. People can be vulnerable and idolize others. Mysticism is not so much what someone teaches as it is what you experience on your own.

People are fallible, even those at the top. You don’t want to be taken advantage of mentally, emotionally or get ripped off financially. There have been numerous cults which have been bad with evil intentions toward its members.

Who do I recommend? The only one I’d recommend has no physical membership. It’s invisible. You find it on your own. It’s like those ‘invisible masters’  I said had visited me early in my studies. This was thirty some years ago and they haven’t been back since.

A true mystical journey is one you must do alone, although it’s good to read, study, practice mystical experiments and socialize with people of similar interests if you are so inclined.

The information is out there in volumes on the internet and in your local library. You just have to pick and choose what you want to believe of it. But, I would be careful of ‘beliefs’.

If you seek the spiritual or mystical you don’t need to join or believe anything. If you are religious, you don’t actually need to be a member of any church, yet, that’s what most people do. Fellowship is OK, but this is not essential in pursuing your faith.

We were all born in these bodies of ours and even though we are with others, we own our own experiences. We are alone inside ourselves even when surrounded by others. No one can ever feel how it feels to be ‘us’. It has always been that way.


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