How do you go into the Mystic?

How do you go into the mystic experience or realm? At some point in your psychic development, you may be appointed allowed to enter invisible hierarchy. For me, this was twenty six years later. The odd thing about it was I wasn’t given a ‘yes or no’ answer.

I only felt I was unworthy of being ‘chosen’, but that came from me. Although, the funny thing about it is that I think I was to appoint myself into it. It is a title not given yet received that you are not told what to do next. You are on your own. Everything you think and feel about it is up to you. There is no judgement coming from outside.

How do I know this? I wasn’t told. I wasn’t taught. It didn’t come from any book or movie. You have the same access to this information and potential advancement into the mystical as I. It isn’t a secret. It was nothing like that. The weird thing about it is I am not sure if I was admitted or not.

It’s something ongoing similar to everyday life, but in a different zone. It is nothing ‘official’ where you are handed a golden key, certificate or diploma in a ceremony recognized for something you’ve achieved or done in everyday life. This psychic experience of being admitted is subtle. To this day, I am not sure if I am a member of it or not.

But, somehow I was given a name at one time and a designation at another. It is something given or received through knowing. For me, there was no official ‘you’re in’. It would have been nice if there was a ceremony with some kind of official recognition, then I would feel I know for sure. Rituals can be good for creating the right mood and emotion.

Information about the mystical is plastered throughout libraries and the internet. There are many occult organizations you can join who have reading materials. The social conduct with other like-minded members can be a good thing. No one can have too many friends who have something in common. But, the mystical is something you don’t have to study. You do experience it on your own. The lessons come ‘wordlessly’. At some point, there are no ‘textbooks’.

How do you go into the mystic? It helps to meditate. Although, things can happen at night just before you go to sleep. I have had some experiences that would be scary for many people. But, you have to be open to them. If it gets too weird, you can shut it off. All you have to do is ‘say so’. You do have control over the experiences you agree to have. You allow them to happen.

I took a leave of absence from the mystical for quite a few years. This was because I felt I needed years of ‘trials and tribulations’ for the next steps. I intuitively knew I was to do it. I wasn’t going anywhere living like a hermit in a vacuum. You can’t escape the training life brings. This is the hard part. Life.

You can do all the mystical experiences you want. But, if you have a lot of trouble facing life’s dilemmas and struggles and you hide from them you don’t grow in character. Lessons from life is the master teacher and you are its living student.





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