What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life? What’s the purpose of this ‘living thing’ we all are doing on planet earth? Why grow? Why mature? Why is there all this struggle? What does it matter? Why bother with being serious about anything? No one told me what life is all about. I know, I looked everywhere for someone who could give me that answer.

Why not just have one big party all the time, be shallow, not think too deeply, drink and be merry? Some do this all their lives. Who cares why we are here and what our purpose and mission actually is? What’s our reward for good behavior, and what is ‘good behavior’?

After all, if someone pushes the nuclear button, it’s all over anyway. How can that be stopped? No one gave us a rule book, so why isn’t it ‘anything goes’ and ‘every man for himself’? No one told us we shouldn’t ‘get’ while the ‘getting is good’ and ‘take advantage of someone else before they take advantage of us’.

There are many things simply out of our hands and only in the hands of the forces that be in the universe, whatever it may be. But, we would all surely die if the nuclear button was pushed. No one survives a ‘nuclear holocaust’.

But, where would we all go if we were all incinerated? Where do we go when we die? Some say this is all there is. We can’t prove otherwise. The ‘materialists’ have a valid point of view, don’t they, when they say ‘this is it’? And, in religions, there are beliefs that cannot be proved other than by ones own ‘faith’.

I think our experience in this life be it good or bad drives us into being the person we are. Our life experiences change us for better or for worse. Life tends to mold us. Without the experiences I’ve been through, I know I surely wouldn’t have been interested in mysticism or finding answers to the deeper mysteries of life.

I may have taken another path. Being a true seeker takes a lifetime, maybe even many incarnations. Should I rather have gone to a carnival, drank beer, ate hotdogs and had some real fun instead of ponder things I still don’t have answers for?

At this station in life it seems I have that ‘wordless’ urge to reveal information which can help someone in at least some small way. The least I can do is uncover something that will help lead someone else to their next step in life. Maybe, what I’ve said here will help someone mature. I can never know the answer to that.

What else could I hope for better than to be of some small assistance to someone? Although, it is up to you and I to find our own meaning in life. No one else can be ‘us’ in this body of ours, therefore it has to be up every single person to do something, even if it’s wrong.

If we do nothing, we can never become masterful over our own destinies. I think you find meaning in life when you live it best as you can. You just be you, right where you are right now. It’s the best we can do with our lives. And, when we are ready to change, this happens at our ‘being’ level.

I know the older I get, the less egotistical I become. I am less prideful, more understanding, more compassionate, and more forgiving. I also care less about money and material possessions.

After all, you will eventually run out of money and all your stuff will get old and outdated. And, eventually we all will pass on and be forgotten like all the billions of people who’ve died before us through the eons of time.

Looking back, I see a much different young man full of arrogance and anger who didn’t know himself very well or how to act appropriately in many situations in his life. I am someone who has changed so much I have become a completely different person. I know I can’t change the world. I can only change myself. And, a growing capacity for love increases compassion and understanding toward others.



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