What is intuition?

So, what is intuition? I will tell you that it’s something you should listen to when it nudges you like a feather or makes your gut hurt with that ‘sinking’ feeling. It’s that certain something you might want to believe in and listen to ‘without proof’. It may help you choose to go ‘this way or that’ saving your neck from disastrous consequences. Many times, I didn’t listen. Huge mistake!

You trust in it and it can guide you, but you must use reason to sort things out. The universe has a strange way of ‘penalizing’ you (teaching you a lesson) when you only rely on tips from beyond forfeiting your mental scrutinizing or skepticism.

For example, if your intuition tells you that you better move to Alaska, I would weigh things out. I would question what the benefits could possibly be. I mean, if you land a job there, relatives are there or that special someone pops up, it could be a winner.

Our step daughter just got married and is moving to Georgia soon, and she wants us to move out there with her. But, my gut or intuition says to see if she stays there, first. She moved to Oregon a while back and ended up moving back home five months later. It was supposed to be permanent.

Therefore, reason and experience says we will give it some time. Me and my wife agreed on more or less about three years. Who knows, if she gets hired into the job she wants, we’ll consider it then.

Yet, something tells me to sit tight and watch what happens. We are older parents and you don’t want to just pull up roots on someone else’s whim and go somewhere like you’d do if you were much younger.

I have had bad feelings about dentists I’ve stuck with through the years regretting not quitting them and finding new dentists. Not all people, no matter who may certainly not have your best interests in mind.

As you probably have experienced yourself, there are dishonest people who will use you and virtually ‘do you in’. It is our duty not to let them. Listening to my intuition saved my life more than a few times while almost destroying my life beyond repair when I did not heed its urgent call.

Intuition tried to serve me well from marrying the wrong person saving me from mental, emotional and financial disaster. I learned the hard way. I didn’t listen and married that person. It nearly cost me my life! It took me over thirty years to recover.

Now, I totally trust my intuition without any reservation no matter the circumstance or situation which presents itself. I hope you will do the same. Number one, trust in yourself. Pay strict attention to how you feel. It just might save your life someday.




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