The importance of love

What is the importance of love? Because of and because of not, we are who we are today. Whether it was given in abundance from our parents or withheld, we were made in that image, like it or not. Like clay, we are molded and seldom know the significance love or the lack of it had in building our character.

If you didn’t have parents who’d loved you, you may have suffered through all kinds of mental and emotional problems throughout your life up until now. But, now as adults, our destiny is in our hands. And, since you know the importance of love, it is also important to other people besides yourself. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you may not know how powerful an impact you have positive or negative upon the psyche of others.

How we feel seems to draw the same situations and conditions to us. The vibes come off and everyone around you senses what kind of person you are and how you are feeling. And, if we are waiting to be loved instead of loving by withholding love, we may be waiting a long time for it to come our way. We are all worthy of being loved. Love doesn’t cost anything, so we can give it freely and not run out of it.

All we have to do to meet the right person is to be ourselves. Our gift to the world is simply being who we are. Being fake or phony doesn’t make it nor will following the crowd imitating them help. We are originals extruded from a single unique mold. Accept the way you are, right now. It’s a beginning.

Life is full of trials and tribulations. Some will be too much to bear. And, the only thing I can suggest is to pray. We can’t control everything and some things are out of our hands. No one wins by hating. The better feeling through your intention is compassion and caring. If one has bad words to say about someone else, maybe it’s best to be subtle or silent.

Everyone needs to learn on their own. Sometimes they need a nudge. But, don’t concern yourself, life will give it to them. You don’t need to. Maybe, all we need to do is listen. It is not up to us to judge or teach. It is up to us to become more of what we are and reveal it to others. Setting an example is worthy work.

It never helps to blame, it keeps us victim. Retaliation and revenge can surely backfire. What is the expression ‘revenge is bittersweet’? As with anything there is a time. A time for peace, a time for war and a time for love.

There is a time to be tough fighting or defending yourself and others from the bullies and punks of the world, a time to go to war destroying tyrants and murderous thugs and a time for charity, empathy, sympathy and warmth toward others in need of assistance.


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