Law of Attraction

I don’t know exactly who originally made up the term ‘law of attraction’. But, it seems to be used loosely these days. I wrote a book ‘How to use your mind to get what you want: the magic under the hat’ some years ago still for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Some think more money and more material things like cars and jewelry will make them happier. Will it? It might. But, for how long? Look at the celebrities. How many of them seem happy with their mansions and millions in the bank? You wouldn’t likely know the answer unless you were them.

Some of the rich and famous go in and out of drug rehab. What kind of life makes you use drugs? Maybe, success and riches isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? How about their divorce rate?

I have heard about movie stars who’ve been married seven times. It seems if a relationship has a few snags they simply change partners. Do you get another partner with a whole new set of challenges?

Should we try to define happiness? It would be a good idea to define our own and not allow the media to do it for us even though they have done that for many already. We surely know what sadness is. We know it when we experience it.

No one wants to purposely be unhappy or do they? With some of us, it becomes an ingrained habit we can’t shake off easy. Some of us have been so depressed for so long, they wouldn’t even remember the last time they were truly happy.

Does being a mystic bring happiness? I would say no. Would one even be the slightest bit interested in the deeper mysteries of time and space if he had an easy life with all the money and things he wanted? Some of the ultra rich spend millions as a pastime simply because they are bored.

I have spent a lot of time alone, and I can’t say that was very happy. It was lonely, but I had things to learn being with someone else could not teach. In this case, loneliness was my teacher. Is happiness a state of mind? I would agree with this. It is something we have control over, like our outlook toward life.

Believe it or not, how one thinks influences what comes his way. It can actually shift an outcome. Your mind is not the thing you think it is. It's consciousness. And, consciousness doesn't come from the brain. The brain is virtual. It is known that people who have no brains have average intelligence or higher living absolutely normal lives. Consciousness is the only thing that's fundamental or real in this universe. All else is virtual like a video game that has rules like gravity, speed of light and such.

Writing is a solitary experience perfect for introverts such as I. It makes me happier writing than not doing so on a regular basis. It’s a form of self therapy that seems to work on me. It’s an outlet or release that tends to keep my head on straight.

Happiness essentially attracts more of the same. I have learned it is better to think positive rather than negative, even when things are going way wrong. It does a lot to create a better outcome.

But, it’s hard to be that way when you are in a negative state of mind looking out at a world through dark sunglasses. We are fallible and human, not pillars of stoic strength. One must, at those times, have a good talk with his true inner self to help overcome this obstacle. More likely it would be time for meditation or prayer. One of our biggest challenges in life is understanding ourselves.

Sometimes, there are things bothering us we can’t seem to see or fix. Others, may see us better than ourselves at times. True friends who know us well may be able to shed light.

A tiny bit of positivity can make a shift in circumstances or situations. In other words, if you want something like happiness to start flowering in your life (whatever that might symbolize for you) you might want to put your focus on what you want to have happen.

Think of the outcome you’d prefer. Then, release it and forget about it. Believe in what is meant to happen will. Release it to the universe. After all, it created you and I. Why wouldn’t it know what was best for you with its infinite wisdom?

My experience of the mystical comes in shades and levels of feeling and emotion. The experiences are hard to explain except through ones own experience, which of course is unique to each and every one of us.

Into the mystical is basically a wordless experience like a state of simply ‘being’. An altered state can be caused by drugs which is not the preferred method. Meditation can bring a relaxed state where one can receive symbols and metaphors.

If you desire using the law of attraction to get what you want, become honest with yourself. Ask, ‘if this is really what I want’? Is it something others want for me or something I was told I should want? Do I want to be the real me or a phony me? Isn’t it always the time to be the real genuine you?

Is it an ‘ego’ need? Wanting something for the wrong reasons or because it is a lie or unethical, will most likely backfire potentially bringing disastrous results. Life has a way of ‘teaching us a lesson’. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it, and with all the consequences, thereof.



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