What is reality?

What is reality? Man has been trying to figure this one out ever since he became conscious enough to do so. Is anything real? How do you know what is real and what isn’t? The answer is, you really don’t. The only thing you ‘know’ is how you think and feel.

We use our five senses to navigate around. We also have ‘intuition’. Where does this ‘sixth sense’ come from? And, where is this ‘us’ residing within this body of ours? We (the ‘I’ inside) can’t be located or found anywhere within the physical body.

Yet, you can never get into the body or mind of someone else. You only know ‘you’ exist. You know you are conscious, therefore you ‘know’ by that, you exist. But, as soon as you experience anything, it becomes a memory. Yet, when one meditates he experiences a state of ‘being’. And, in that state, it’s as though there is no time. It is a ‘timeless’ state of experience.

We can say that we know there is a ‘physical reality’ because we can see it and touch it. For example, you might think a chair is real because you see it is there and can walk up and feel it. But, this is not rock solid ‘proof’.

We can agree with one another the chair is there. But, all that is, is agreement. We can also call something ‘blue’ in color because we have agreed to call it such. If a tree falls in a forest and we are not there to hear it, does it make a sound? No. Why? This is a brain tickler. It takes an observer with ears for there to be a sound.

Nothing you look at is ‘directly’ perceived. For example, when you look at a table you aren’t actually perceiving it, you are seeing photons (or, light particles) hit your eyes. The eyes don’t see. It must be ‘consciousness’ that sees.

It is believed by some scientists that reality (at the quantum level) does not exist unless it’s measured. In other words, it does not exist when you are not looking at it. You may at times have felt this existence unreal, and you might be right.

All this we both experience could be a ‘simulated’ reality in which there is a programmer and a server. Computers have changed the way we look at ourselves and our universe.

We may all be ‘avatars’ in this life just like in a video game. How would we know for sure we weren’t? Before computers, there was no way anyone could ever understand the concept ‘virtual reality’.

There could be a server (computer @ somewhere else) which creates our virtual reality. Our consciousness would be there, too. The server is outside the game and the conscious player (us.) The avatar is expendable and the consciousness (which is the real us) who directs his avatar never dies.

The avatar is in the screen and you are sitting there ‘consciously’ playing the game moving the avatar around making him jump, lift his arm, read a book, comb his hair and go here or there. We think we are inside this body, yet are actually not.

Our awareness or consciousness may not be in our brain as believed, but (outside of it) in another reality or dimension. How would one explain out of body experiences or remote viewing when consciousness leaves the body and travels somewhere else?

Scientists are learning that nearly all our universe is filled with mostly ‘nothing’. What could explain this so called ‘nothingness’ is that we all exist within the framework of a virtual reality (even though this existence does seem ‘real enough or physical’.)

Why was this ‘physical universe’ made? There are ‘physical laws or barriers’ which limit our behavior. We learn we can’t escape the elements and forces like ‘gravity, light and darkness, etc.’ We have to conform to a degree.

We learn through experience we can only ‘jump so high’. Life can be somewhat flexible when it comes to natural laws, while at the same time, there are variable consequences when these laws not obeyed are broken. Therefore, we must be here to learn.




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