What is psychic sight?

What is psychic sight? Another word for it is clairvoyance. You could also call it ESP or extra sensory perception. It’s something you trust without so called material ‘proof’. Some people are not visual, but don’t worry, it’s OK. We are not all the same.

More often than not, we go through lessons in life we would rather not. In other words, you can’t always use your psychic abilities to gain certain information or to avoid painful experiences. That’s how I understand it.

Furthermore, you can’t use psychic sight to pry into someone else’s business if they would be unwilling or to make someone love you. It doesn’t work like that. If you use it to gain for only you, like a large sum of money or fame, there could be some bad results.

Things like this can not only be unethical, they will undoubtedly backfire in our faces. You have to do the right thing. You have to have the right intent. What you wish for has to benefit others, not just you.

If our lives were nothing but pleasant, we wouldn’t want to change that. Yet, we wouldn’t learn anything or grow. Unfortunately, it takes pain for us to learn. You may wonder why bad things come your way.

It also seems troubles don’t affect others and that they have it easy in life. Maybe, maybe not. We can never know anyone else’s experience of life but our own.

I have had certain visitations. I didn’t see them with my material eyes. I saw them psychically. It’s with other eyes. It’s hard to explain, but I have learned to trust them.

When one thinks of psychic sight, he might think of remote viewing. This could be an out of body experience or OBE. With this, there is no space. Things get seen immediately, no matter the distance away.

Those who have learned to remote view, understand they are more than their physical bodies. Much more. They learn consciousness has nothing to do with the brain and does not reside within the body.



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