Positive thinking

Does positive thinking work? I think it does. Have you noticed that when you are having a bad day, if you get mad or upset, things just seem to get worse? How we feel is connected directly to how we talk to ourselves. Optimism and pessimism affect your health and well-being for better or worse.

If you tend to be a negative thinker, you can change. It’s a habit. You can learn positive thinking skills by being more aware how your old mental habits of negative thinking can trick you to go into the rabbit hole of negativity. It pulls you in and pulls you down in the dumps.

Becoming a more positive thinker doesn’t mean you ignore what’s going on around you by putting your head in the sand in denial. If we train ourselves to think the best of things, we will soon find it is the better way to live. Negative thinking breeds more negativity.

On the other hand, positive thinking breeds more of the same. You basically attract conditions and situations based upon how you choose to think, be it positive or negative. Thinking more positive reduces stress.

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to things in life when they get tough. But, if we learn to monitor our thinking consciously and catch ourselves, we will soon see one negative thought leads to another. It’s good to reevaluate our thinking patterns. For example, we may have a few mistaken beliefs. You find it out when they are reality tested.

Positive people are more outgoing and tend to live healthier lifestyles. If you find yourself not getting out of the house enough, you become isolated. Some things become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our imagination may get carried away with thoughts others may not like us. If we are friendly toward others, it is usually returned in kind.

When we think positive, we usually feel good about ourselves and become more active and want to get out of the house and do things. Depression makes us wear glasses which see a dark world. It filters out any good we could possibly see. It’s better to hope for the best and not dwell on the negative. Imagine the outcome you’d like to have happen with intent.

Maybe, it’s time for a change. There could be something in your life that’s negative that you can change. You could think about what things you are happy with or not. Make a list. You could stop yourself during the day and evaluate how your thinking is doing. Did you fall back into the negative?

  • Find something humorous to laugh about
  • Live a healthier lifestyle by eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Drugs, medications, prescriptions or stimulants can affect your moods
  • Exercise moderately
  • Get hobbies
  • Get out of the house, breathe fresh air, drink pure water and go somewhere
  • Be around more positive people and avoid those who drag you down. It might be time to make new friends
  • Catch yourself when you start talking negative to yourself
  • Don’t say anything to you that you wouldn’t say to another
  • Be easy on yourself and not overly critical
  • Be thankful for what good is in your life
  • Say encouraging things to you
  • Keep practicing positive self talk
  • Learn to meditate
  • Pray




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