Mystical definition

What is the ‘mystical definition’? To me it is the unexplainable or inexplicable. It is a feeling, a symbol, a metaphor. It comes to you in many forms. Something mystical is strange or godly in its nature. It is a glimpse into another dimension or unseen. It is the third eye which sees invisible things. Something mystical is a mystery, a secret wisdom. It is hope we will go someplace when we die.

The mystical resides within that dimension which can’t be seen, but we know is there. It might be the afterlife with those who we sense through intuition are trying to guide or contact to us when we are in a meditative state or enter our dreams with their message as we sleep. The mystical can arrive as some uncanny experience that ‘happened by chance’.

I know in the past, I’ve gotten my life saved. I can see now that there were things to do in the future, things to learn and people close to me to help that without me, they would have surely perished.

I have also gotten hurt to make me pay attention to danger reminding me I am subject to all those physical laws as everyone else is. It was important that I stay alive as long as I have, even though at times I’ve wished for death.

Pain makes one learn. Having a totally happy life doesn’t. Why change if things go well all the time. If life was one big party where all you did was smoke cigarettes and drink beer, and that’s all you did, why would anyone want to change; except for hangovers, kidney stones, lung cancer and a liver transplant?

If everything went well all the time and you had a charmed life, wouldn’t you have that sinking feeling in your gut that there was something more to life than this? You would, just like I, or you wouldn’t be here reading this right now. I surely wouldn’t be writing this, either. We’d both be partying guzzling beer and puffing away on our favorite cigarettes?

You know, money and things don’t really make people happy, although it might seem like it. That’s ego. But, material things wear out, fall out of fashion, eventually needing repairs. So, then the materialistic person goes out and buys more. It becomes an endless cycle of fulfilling endless wants, not what one truly needs.

The more compassionate we become directly from our ‘being level’, the less ego has a hold. Yet, it’s a life long tug of war between many things. For example, ‘doing the right thing’ when it is a value judgement. No one can tell you what doing the right thing is. Often, it is left in your lap to decide.


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