Out of body experience OOBE

I would prefer to share how to have an out of body experience because I have had the actual experience. But, unfortunately I can’t do that because I haven’t had one yet. I can only tell you my ‘take’ on it from how I think it would be and from what I have read or understood from videos I’ve watched. I have had other mystical experiences I have talked about earlier.

Even if I did experience an OOBE it would be my own subjective experience and wouldn’t be real until you experienced your own. I wouldn’t want you to believe me. I would want you to be open minded, yet skeptical. You must have your own OOBE for it to become your own.

The thought of having an OOBE could be scary making many of us feel anxious or afraid. If I were to be honest, I’d have to admit I would be fearful. I have heard of those who have floated out of their bodies up to the ceiling and have looked down upon themselves in excitement, awe and panic. This can also be true of NDE or near death experiences.

Many have encountered and spoke with entities in other realities, dimensions or realms. Some have accompanied people dying to help calm their fears in transition. Personally, I would have the fear in the back of my mind I wouldn’t find my way back.

I look forward to having my own OOBE. I am curious. I am almost 66 and want a sneak peek as to where (you too someday) I am going. I want to know what’s on the other side, but I want to return here and stay for a while longer.

I think the OOBE is similar in nature to the NDE. I feel I am not done here, yet. I wouldn’t want take a chance on having a NDE as it usually comes with your heart stopping and no brain wave activity. You are essentially clinically dead.

It is believed by some there is something called the ‘silver cord’ that without it he may not find his way back into his body, especially if that line gets severed. I have heard there is nothing to worry about in regards to this. The silver cord belief is an old one.

I don’t think trying hard makes an OOBE happen any faster than simply taking your time and accepting it will happen when you are ready. I think the most important thing we have to handle is our fears, so they don’t get in the way. Furthermore, I don’t feel it’s essential for psychic growth we experience the OOBE for ourselves. I believe it’s optional. For me, there is already plenty enough in life to deal with and hopefully master someday.

My ‘take’ on what would help us to have an OOBE is to learn to meditate. It has also been said listening to binaural beats will bring us to that point of consciousness an OOBE can happen.

I have been listening to binaural beats lately. Since I started, my dreams don’t seem like dreams anymore. They are real. I don’t know if this is because of listening to the binaural beats or just because I am getting older.

I think experiencing an OOBE takes practice and time. How long? It depends solely upon us. It happens when we have prepared ourselves enough. It’s at that point in time when we conquer some of our fears.

They say ‘when the student is ready the master will appear’. I think this ‘saying’ applies to the OOBE. Our ‘consciousness’ (the real us) does not reside within our bodies (brain.) Neither does the so called ‘soul’ of man. We actually already are OOB. We must to learn how to switch to the right ‘dimension’.



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