What are Binaural beats?

Firstly, you have to get a pair of headphones. This is important they say, if you want to get in a meditative state or have the desire for having an out of body experience or OOBE.

I bought a pair of headphones off eBay that were cheap and work just fine. Nothing fancy, they do the job. I am always busy writing or doing something else, and I need to find more time to listen to the binaural beats. Things don’t happen overnight. We need to devote time to practice.

You just can’t listen to binaural beats without headphones. It won’t do what’s intended. From what I understand, there is a different frequency of beat going into each ear. Somehow, our brain mixes them both and you hear another frequency which helps you achieve a certain state.

I have listened to the same software I talk about that has binaural beats. It seems it started something inside me. I am looking at the world slightly different. I think I am evolving toward being more of what I truly am down at the ‘being level’. I feel it’s a good thing. My dreams at night are more real than they’ve ever been.

I am my own guinea pig, as we all basically are in this life. I must be at least slightly adventurous, unless I wouldn’t try something out that others who are not interested in might scoff at and make fun of.

Stay away from those kinds of people, so you don’t get discouraged. Don’t let anyone knock you off your own mystical path or journey. Stick to your guns. Live your life how you see it. If those around you are ‘doubters’, I would just keep stuff like this they wouldn’t understand, to yourself.

I am what they say is a ‘right brained’ individual. These are the artistic, writers, poets or creative types. The so called ‘Left brainers’ are the logical thinking scientific minds who are good at math and analyzing every minute detail and need ‘material proof something exists or not’. Us right brainers just ‘know’ through their own intuition.

States of mind or brain waves

  • Beta (13–40 Hz) Awake
  • Alpha (8–12 Hz) Relaxed
  • Theta (4–7 Hz) Creative
  • Delta (1-3 hertz) Sleep

So, what’s the point of listening to binaural beats? I believe, in my own layman terms, it is supposed to bring you into another state of consciousness. I think it’s a state just before you go to sleep. I think many people do fall asleep meditating or with listening to the binaural beats. And, that’s OK. That’s called so what. You just try again another time, that’s all.

In my opinion, how I see it works is that a different frequency goes in each ear, and your brain somehow equalizes it and your mind hears the difference between the two frequencies. This can make your brain eventually resonate within an alpha state or another. I think the state for OOBE and contacting other entities lies within the theta brain wave state.

Apparently, after some time of practice, you may achieve different states of focused concentration, a much deeper relaxation and more (like OOBE, when one is ready for such an experience like that), supposedly stimulating parts of your brain to work together in harmony or synchronization. From all I’ve experienced of it so far, it seems fine to me. Binaural beats software @ gnaural.sourceforge.net/download




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