Is this a Simulated reality?

Did it ever seem to you that life didn’t seem real? You are not alone. You might have wondered is this a simulated (or virtual) reality we all live in? Through my own personal study into what ‘exactly is reality?’ makes me feel we could be living in a a universe that’s actually not real.

You have heard row, row, row your boat, ‘life is but a dream’? At times in my life, I felt as though I was living in a movie that was being played again. Also, I have experienced ‘Deja vu’ many times.

Our reality could very well be something like a computer program consisting entirely of ‘ones and zeros’. This would mean that our bodies are not real, either. It would also mean what we believe is ‘material’ in the so called real world is not actually real at all.

This doesn’t mean I don’t think our daily lives aren’t real enough or don’t really exist. Just trip and fall down and you will soon realize that the pain of a cut, bruise or broken bone is real enough. To us, what we perceive is reality. We all need to pay attention to nature’s laws or pay the consequences! Our experiences are mostly real, colored by our beliefs and sometimes imagined.

Living in a simulated reality would not be unlike those characters programmed into a computer game. Except, the difference is that the simulated universe evolved and was not programmed into being. Our earth evolved through billions of years. And, we were given freedom to choose, unlike an avatar in our favorite computer game.

I never quite believed the material world was all it appeared to be. It always seemed to me to be somewhat unreal and that something was definitely missing. Yes, to us it seems real, and if some heard you question it, they might think you crazy.

But, this reality whatever it actually is serves its purpose as such. But, it’s information we collect through our five senses. We can prove this to ourselves in everyday life. Is everything that exists besides our consciousness, data or information? Could be.

Think about how we know we have a body. We feel things, we sense things. But, how does it work? We sense by a series of digital impulses sent to our brains. For example, we don’t even see with these two eyes of ours.

Instead, it’s our brains which see the outside world. Imagine, our brains which lie in the dark sees! Amazing! It’s our ‘consciousness’ which sees that’s not even created by our brains.

Our brains are possibly ‘virtual brains’. Did you know there are those born without them and they have normal intelligence obtaining college degrees, get married, have children and live normal lives? True.

It is becoming more accepted within the ‘scientific community’ we live in a ‘virtual world or simulated reality’. This is because it’s the only ‘theory’ which can explain the ‘strangeness’ about how this universe works in the way it does tying everything together.

Scientists have been in search of one universal theory covering both small (quantum mechanics) and large (theory of relativity) aspects of the universe. As of yet, there is no ‘theory of everything’.

In the classical ‘double slit’ experiment, light particles (photons) are shot one by one through one slit or another and recorded (or observed.) Apparently, these particles do not form a ‘interference pattern’ on the screen behind appearing as a ‘wave like’ nature.

Light has a dual nature: it is like a wave and interferes with itself similar to water ripples crossing each other in a pond when you throw a pebble. It also behaves like a particle, which we have named a photon. Furthermore, apparently all elementary particles have this same wave-particle duality.

Furthermore, when neither slit is checked, a photon will appear to have passed through both slits simultaneously before ‘interfering with itself’ then acting like a ‘wave’.

It appears that observation in the double slit experiment influences or changes the behavior of the photons. So, is light a wave or a particle? Scientists view the wave as a wave of ‘probability’. This is because the experiment is set up so the scientists don’t know which of two slits the photon will pass through.

And, when they set up detectors in front of each slit to detect which slit a photon will go through, they don’t see an ‘interference’ pattern. The photons start acting as individual photons clumping together on the screen behind. It’s as if no matter what the scientists do, if they try measuring attempting to observe single photons, the interference pattern fails to emerge.

It has been said that by observing a photon, this changes events that have already happened. Some scientists have accepted the explanation the double slit phenomenon is proof we are living in a ‘virtual or simulated’ reality.

When scientists observe an electron of an atom, there is a cloud around it. Its location is called a ‘probability distribution’. In other words, you never quite know where the point is the electron is residing at any given moment.

Our ‘physical bodies’ are said to also be part of the same simulation, with consciousness as the only thing that’s ‘fundamental or real’. In other words, similar to a computer game the avatar is not real and our consciousness does not reside within the physical human body. We are the player in charge of controlling that avatar.

This is in direct disagreement with conventional materialism, physics and wisdom. Materialists believe ‘mind is generated from the brain’. Although, scientific theories may explain something is so, it often fails miserably proving the ‘how and why’ of it.

What does all this have to do with a simulated reality? When scientists delve into the largest and smallest mysteries, he finds there is a point he cannot travel beyond. There is a point at which we either can’t see something or can’t know. For example, if the universe is expanding, where is it expanding to? Is there some kind of a machine turned on producing more space? Is anything possible? Maybe, maybe not.

Like pixels, you can only get so much definition visually. This means that there may be some point (quantum mechanics) where one cannot see or detect things smaller because they actually don’t get any smaller.

The universe may not be infinite. Nothing may be infinitely large or small. A ‘simulated reality’ does not need to be constantly created or projected out, especially when no one can look far to the end of the universe with a telescope or have developed a more powerful microscope to see that which is even smaller.

If this is a simulated reality created by a computer, imagine how large that computer would have to be to constantly have to rebuild the entire universe at any given moment from the smallest atomic particle on up to entire galaxies just so we could look at it.

Going even further, things may not exist until we look at them. Consciousness may play an essential role in the creation of reality itself. You’ve probably heard about if a tree falls in the forest when there are no ears to hear, does it make any sound?

The ‘big bang’ could have been the ‘big digital bang’ where the universe was created by a push of a button, like when you turn on your computer. But, I would wonder, who pushed the button that started our universe and who pushed a button to create the ‘button pusher’? Some things may be beyond our ‘knowing’.

The answers to all the great mysteries may certainly lie in ‘another’ place beyond our reach and understanding. If there is a computer computing our reality and everything within it, it has to be in another realm in which we could never comprehend.

For example, there would be no way the ‘avatar’ could understand his ‘maker or creator’. And, if someone were a cave dweller all his life, how could he ever comprehend what travelling in outer space and landing on the moon would possibly be like until he actually saw it for himself? This being said, he may not even comprehend what it was he was looking at since he had never seen anything like it before.



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