Why am I here?

You probably have wondered at some point in your life ‘why am I here’? This is the ultimate question. What is our purpose? What is our mission? Who defines our ‘purpose and mission’ as individuals or as a species?

Wouldn’t you think that the supreme being or God would have already revealed the secret of our existence to us? If you don’t feel he has disclosed much, maybe he has his reasons? After all, he doesn’t have to answer to us. We are his creation, not the other way around.

Is the answer within us? If it is, why haven’t we unraveled it? Some say they have the answer. Are they the false prophets or heads of cults who want us to join their community or membership?

Are we here to solve this riddle all by ourselves or collectively within the ranks of our human race? Do we believe it is written in the holy scriptures or bible of any religion? Beliefs can stunt an open mind prohibiting growth and maturity. Perhaps, isn’t it a wise idea to be open-minded yet skeptical in our search for why am I here?

I don't think our purpose and mission on earth is to party, drink beer and hang out with friends. We wouldn't learn anything that way, would we? We do want to grow and learn, right? We just hope it isn't too painful. But, sometimes we may need a jolt to get our attention? How else would we progress? If everything went smoothly with no snags, why would we change anything? We wouldn't. That may very well be why life seems like it's mostly composed of 'hard work'.

We as mystics would be actively seeking an answer to this question. Where would we find it? Is it written anywhere? Does anyone know? One way to look at ‘why am I here’ is that we know we are ‘here’. We have ‘consciousness’.

I have felt on many occasions I wasted my life. But, I think I learned hard lessons. But, again, what would be the purpose of learning hard lessons? To make me wiser? For what reason?

I know I have wasted my time in a job, in relationships and various situations and circumstances. What this did was make me feel apathy and become very deeply depressed. If you look at the media and how they portray life, anyone can surely feel he should be living differently. We only have so much time to live, and you may wonder if you are using your ‘natural born gifts’.

Although, we should reason things out to try to solve everyday problems, why not learn to be ‘centered’ within ourselves shutting out all outside ‘noise’ and listen to what the ‘core of our being’ tells us wordlessly through symbols and metaphor? You might want to learn to meditate and become more relaxed.

Many will say if you are ‘somewhere’ you must belong there. But, you might have felt you didn’t belong where it was you were. Maybe, we need to be in jobs, relationships and situations that aren’t really ‘us or who we are’ in order to decide where it is we would rather be. What you don’t want may guide you as well as knowing what you do.

I know that everything I’ve done has led me up until now. I simply would not have been able to handle those things which were to come my way. I had lessons to learn that made me grow into who I am now.

To me, my life has been most difficult and challenging. At times it felt as though a ‘curse’ had been put on me. Nothing ever came easy. In other words, the ‘golden egg’ never fell into my lap. It seemed ‘luck’ forever had escaped me.

Yet, at the same time it appears if there are no dilemmas or hardships, we never mature. And, I would not have if I hadn’t endured the painful trials and tribulations I’ve encountered throughout each age group in my life.

But, what would be the purpose of that? I know that others would prefer a ‘man’ who was caring, compassionate and gentle rather than an arrogant, proud and egotistical ‘male’. You notice the intentional ‘discernment’ I make between ‘man and male’?

In my own mind, since I have asked God (on many occasions often regretting it because I didn’t have what it took to be ‘that’ kind of man to begin with) to make me into who he wanted me to be.

Therefore, it would be my ‘best educated guess’ the answer to ‘why am I here’ is to experience those life lessons which tend to destroy ones ‘ego’. Furthermore, changing oneself at his ‘being’ level is a ‘work in progress’ until he exits this planet.

We change when we are ‘ready’ through our ‘intention and resolve’ for it to come to pass by simply ‘experiencing or going through’ that which (more often than not) we would much ‘rather avoid’. Not one moment before.


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