What is spirituality? As I look around, I can easily spot those who are completely into their selves and only what they want. When I see selfishness and an attitude of entitlement ‘everything is all about me!’ and somebody owes them a living, I recognize and understand it when I see it. I know this is part of the human condition.

There is a theory we are all ‘little pieces of god’. That, for god to reduce his own entropy, he split parts of himself into people.

This implies that god isn’t perfect either, needing to grow, himself. Therefore, when we learn, the ‘whole of god’ grows reducing his own entropy. Interesting thought, but no way to ‘verify’ its truth.

Do we really desire being in a world full of those who believe it’s ‘all about themselves’? Isn’t it better to be in a world where people help ‘others’ to advance in their own growth?

We can’t deny we live in a ‘material world’. It’s not easy to survive, we have to work to earn money to live. Unfortunately, it seems to me, one must ‘lie and be phony’ to excel in the game of survival.

Being a ‘nice guy’ and ‘taking it on the chin’ does not seem to always work best. Sometimes, you have to fight back defending yourself from bodily harm or some form of injustice.

Furthermore, it’s common believing having more ‘things’ will make us happy. But, does possessing more ‘stuff’ than the ‘Smiths or Joneses’ bring lasting happiness?

It may for some of us, at least for a while. But, things do get old and you certainly can’t take it all with you when you die. Why would you want to take a bunch of ‘old junk’ with you to the afterlife, anyway? You can do as you will, be evil or good and as rich or as poor as you want, yet we all will surely die, someday.

The older I get, the less I want it to be ‘all about me’. I am not narcissistic or in love with myself. I become less and less selfish, judgmental and self centered as I age. My life has become more about ‘other’. Ever wonder why so many marriages fail?

I value material possessions much less than I used to. I know that when I buy the newest gadget, it will soon turn old eventually rusting into dust going right in the trash can or donated to my favorite charity.

So, what are we all here for? What’s the purpose? Are we here to learn something? Say, we are here to learn; how would we know what it was we needed to learn? And, when we learned our lesson/s, then what? What’s the next step?

Do we eventually reach the point where we’ve learned enough and don’t have to learn anything else? Do we become ‘teachers’ at some point? Do we become ‘wise men’? Do we become someone’s mentor or trusted guide? Do we learn enough and then help others on their way to enlightenment?

Who wants to be friends with someone who believes it’s ‘all about them’? Selfish people teach us how we don’t want to be as a person: for example, the notorious Niccolò Machiavelli.

Wouldn’t we rather hang around those who were compassionate and care about our own welfare? I think so. Maybe, there are those who can benefit from our own selflessness, generosity and kindness. After all, what does it cost to be sincerely caring?

As far as I can judge selfishness is childishness while maturity is selflessness and giving. We can change if we want to, but it takes time. We must have a sincere ‘intention’ to do so. Real change takes place at our ‘being’ level. It ‘begins’ when we are ready. It is not intellectual.

There are those who can recite spiritual or mystical lessons they’ve learned. But, it is learned or rote. Their ‘spirituality’ resides within their heads. But, ‘being’ is something different. It is ‘consciousness’.

Genuine change ‘manifests’ itself when we ‘once and for all’ tire of being our old ‘selves’. How many do you know who are ready for a radical change in their natures?

Furthermore, who have you known or currently know whose nature changed for the better? Honestly, don’t most people simply stay the same with no regrets and if given another chance would live their lives the same way?

Isn’t there a distinct difference between ‘acting’ nice and ‘being’ nice? There is a lifelong pull between our ‘heads’ versus ‘hearts’.  Do most of us ‘do the right thing’ or favor ‘short term gain’?

Would we rather ‘be’ spiritual or just ‘act’ like it? Does it take a series of ‘bad’ or ‘terrible’ things that change us at our ‘being’ level? I have found I didn’t learn unless there was a painful experience and consequences for my choices and actions.

Why would anyone be motivated to ‘change his ways’ if his life always went well? Is it not what’s in a man’s heart that powers his ‘intention’ to change or simply stay the same? If we truly desire a change in our nature, must we not first uncover that which we are denying accepting the truth we discover about the kind of person we actually are?



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