The power of positive thinking: Goals and attainment

The power of positive thinking can help overcome the negative. Positivity is more powerful than negativity. If you have slipped into habitually thinking negative, it can lead to depression.

Depression is a recognized medical condition requiring professional help. But, in the meantime you can learn to train yourself to look at the ‘bright side’ of things versus allowing yourself to become swallowed up by what’s wrong.

How do we do this? We monitor our thoughts and notice the pattern of negative thinking catching ourselves before we dig ourselves in too deeply.

The first step ‘up’ is to find anything in your life that’s positive. You might find your spirits lifting almost immediately. Have you noticed you ‘feel better’ when you pet your cat or dog?

Just know thinking negative never helped anyone. It tends to make things worse, by attracting more of the same. What can ‘change your mood’ to a peaceful state of mind is to learn how to meditate.

You must know someone who always seems to have ‘bad luck’. And, try as you might, you will never convince him or her to change their ‘point of view’. They will have all their ‘reasons’ justifying why their life is the way it is. We will draw those things we think about most to us like a ‘magnet’. Visualization, feeling and intention are the pull and push.

There is actually no ‘reasonable’ choice other than thinking the best and having a positive outlook on life. It is a worthy challenge to develop our own working philosophy of life and code of ethics to live each day by.

We can learn through practice to trust our ‘gut feelings’. Although, our intuition can help guide us, we must also reason things out logically before we make decisions. Be careful about making important decisions when you are upset or angry.

Through my own study, I have learned people who are the healthiest, happiest and live longest (centenarians) have developed their own philosophy of life, are friendly, have a positive outlook, involve themselves in hobbies, eat simply, don’t drink, smoke or use drugs, have friends and family ties and stay active physically and mentally.


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