Meditation techniques: Step by step

Although, I don’t necessarily use binaural beats for guided meditation, I use them anyway solely because it’s fun. If you are a beginner at meditation, the sounds are a useful ‘tool’ to get you from your awake ‘beta’ state into another ‘brain wave state’ like alpha, theta or delta. You might be interested in having an OOBE or talking to ‘entities’. These two will probably take some time and practice. Be patient. Keep practicing. It takes repetition.

My favorite sounds are the ‘pink noise,’ ‘rain drops’ and ‘rain’. I have always loved the sight and sound of rainy days and nights. It’s enjoyable looking outside listening to the raindrops fall sitting by the fireplace. I can look outside, I’m safe from the elements remaining warm and dry.

The sound of thunder and rain falling and sight of lightning outside is intriguing. I have always looked forward to the rainy season. For me, the experience of rain is a most mystical, wondrous and relaxing experience I treasure.

If this is your first time trying to meditate, I would recommend using the ‘binaural beats’ sounds to help you achieve a relaxed mood. Practice makes perfect, so if it doesn’t work the first time and you don’t get the results you desire, don’t give up. Try again. If it puts you to sleep, that’s OK, too. You can continue later or tomorrow.

I would have a plan about what you want to accomplish. You could make it a goal. But, keep practicing. You learn through repetition. If you only drift around or have a specific purpose either choice is OK. Like I mentioned previously, you don’t necessarily have to ‘see’ a picture of something, you may see something through ‘feeling’ its presence.

The ‘system’ (universe) will use any number of things. It’s all information. If what you wish (intend) to accomplish is selfish or egotistical in nature, you won’t get the results you seek. Your awake brain wave state is ‘beta.’ Meditation can help bring you to the more relaxed alpha, theta and delta states. Continued.



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