Meditation for beginners: Basic principles

What ‘meditation for beginners’ is there? Probably, the easiest method is a guided meditation. This involves the use of ‘binaural beats’. It’s a generated sound that helps you get into different brain wave states such as alpha, delta and theta.

Although, the binaural beats are OK, I do prefer the sound of the ‘pink noise, water drops and rain’ which are also generated within the software. This is the most useful guided meditation technique I know of for relaxation. But, you might enjoy ‘Isochronic pulses’ because it brings better results.

I think it helps to have a purpose meditating. Do you want to solve a problem you are wrestling with? Do you need information or an answer to a dilemma? Or, do you want to have an ‘OOBE,’ talk to different ‘entities, invisible mentors or counselors’? It’s all up to you what you want to achieve or accomplish and where you intend your consciousness travels.

I really love the sound of ‘rain’. This is why I prefer the sound of ‘pink noise’ to ‘binaural beats’. I continue playing binaural beats from time to time, but currently enjoy the others.

I used to meditate a different way. It’s relatively easy to master. You can find a point to focus on above your eyes on your forehead. This is like the ‘third eye’ area we’ve often heard about.

Your mind will try to keep running with its thoughts. It’s almost like it purposely wants to distract you. Yet, all you do when this happens is bring the focus back to that point on your forehead. You may have to keep doing this many times.

The mind always seems to want to stay busy! Keep practicing. I go into a state of ‘being’. No judgement, no intellect, there’s no space and time; you ‘are just there within your own consciousness’.

You might get tired and fall asleep. This is OK. You can always come back sometime later or the next day and try again. Meditation is not a ‘perfect science’. There is no ‘one’ right way to meditate.

It’s what you decide. You simply have to discover that one technique you prefer using that will help bring you into the brain wave state you desire. Continued.


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