Is this real life? If it isn’t, what is it?

Is this real life? Or, as the song goes, ‘is this just fantasy’! What if you created a ‘robot’ so much like humans, it was nearly impossible to tell the difference? Would it be ‘given’ a soul like ours?

And, where would that soul come from? Interesting thought. What is real life? This seems real enough. Sure seems like a ‘real life’ given to us we have to deal with effectively in order to survive well.

Yet, why would the robot be deprived his soul, if it possessed enough of the ‘right stuff or genuine’ human attributes or qualities? Isn’t consciousness itself, soul? I would think it qualifies. This almost ‘human machine’ will likely someday be created to be as self aware and as conscious as we are.

Are our bodies not also ‘machine like’? And, if so, we the machine do have ‘consciousness’. Yes, we are made of flesh, blood and bone; but why would it matter what substances he (the robot) was composed of as long as ‘it’ was almost a carbon copy of ‘us’?

Would ‘artificial humans’ threaten our existence or safety? Would they revolt against us? Would they have emotions like hate and love? Would they go to war with us, extinguish us and take over?

Or, would they fight our wars for us and protect us? We would be their ‘programmers’. But, would they eventually ‘disobey’ and strike out on their own? Would they learn to program themselves? Would they even need to do so?

Furthermore, are there other realities and could they be more ‘real’ than ours? If this isn’t real life, what is? Do other realities even exist? If so, how would we visit them? Can other dimensions or realities be visited while meditating?

What defines ‘life’ is controversial at best. I am sure you’ve probably heard by now life may be a ‘computer simulation or virtual’. To me, there is a ‘peculiar strangeness’ about living everyday life.

Sometimes, life just doesn’t seem real enough, to me. For example, I have experienced ‘Deja vu’ many times in my early years. I had felt I had lived that period of life over before in another life. Yet, the ‘pain of life’ will jar you in its own way reminding you life is ‘very real and to be taken seriously’.

Nevertheless, if life is ‘simulated’, does there not have to be a ‘programmer’? It is known our experience through our senses are ‘digital impulses’. They are electrical. Yet, it seems like ‘common sense’ our consciousness actually resides within this body of ours.

But, this may simply be a ‘misnomer’ because ‘consciousness’ may not reside within our bodies at all. The possibility exists ‘there’s no one inside.’

Yes, we know we are here. And, when we meditate, we can relax into a state of ‘being’. This is an experience of simply ‘knowing’. You have heard of the expression ‘I think, therefore I am’. We all know we exist.

If this is a virtual reality like a computer game, the computer which holds all the information must be one huge fantastic computer! But, where is it? In another dimension? It’s surely not here; therefore, it has to be in another place consciousness (such as ours) is not allowed entry.

Isn’t it interesting how good they make computer games these days? Someday, they will be indistinguishable from our everyday life. If there is a ‘programmer’ who made all this around us, would he not be called God?

And, what things would lie outside ‘this’ created universe? Would there be other simulations in other universes, too? And, who is the ‘one’ who created our ‘programmer’? Would he be ‘God’ of our own heavenly God? Is there not room for only one God, and not two possibly more?

Lastly, are our bodies ‘fake’? Is everything around us ‘not real’ and not there until we are conscious of our surroundings? Without us being ‘conscious’ would anything exist at all? Do we think that the ‘past exists’ simply because we have memories?

Memories are not ‘proof’ our lives are real. But, what about photos and other records we keep? They (and all else here and throughout our universe) could be ‘ones and zeroes’: a computer code written by THE cosmic ‘programmer’ himself.




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