Dream meanings: What are they, really?

What are dream meanings? Can we interpret our own dreams? I do think dreams are particular to our own experience. Dreams are symbols or metaphorical in nature. In other words, something may stand for something else.

I have had dreams of my old profession over and over again. I didn’t like doing what I did very much. I have wondered why I kept having those same dreams through the years. I have long since retired from doing that line of working.

I think it is up to you to find meaning, if there is any. I believe, sometimes there is no particular message. We can add meaning where it may not be needed or interpret things wrong. I don’t think we need to consult a professional dream interpreter, either.

Dreams are personal and any message is subject to our own understanding. There may be no message other than you remembering your dream when awake and reviewing it.

Dreams may be a process of mind where we relieve stress by reliving some experience. In a dream I had recently, people at my former line of work were saying ‘hi’ to me. Those who I didn’t actually know well who were old work acquaintances on the job were passing me by saying ‘hi, Steve’! I thought this dream kind of odd. Yet, I have had dreams of those who were no longer alive visiting me.

In other dreams, I was in a working scenario, but was not doing the work. I was an observer about to do the work, but never did anything but watch others. I could never quite figure this out, either.

Maybe, some dreams are meant to comfort such as a dream I had of Jesus who wore a white robe. He hugged me and it seemed he was very compassionate toward me. I felt nothing but a fatherly love. I don’t know why I had this dream other than possibly something was bothering me. I don’t think I will forget it.

As I have had a great fear of heights, I also had a recent dream I was flying through the air high up in the clouds and wasn't afraid at all. I was amazed how bold and unfearful I felt way up there in the sky in this strange dream! It seemed so real, like I was actually awake! Thinking back, I was having fun!

I think I was distressed on a birthday many years ago because I was alone and lonely and had no one at the time. I must have been going through my divorce. I had a dream the ‘Beatles’ played their ‘birthday’ song just for me. I felt ‘honored.’

To conclude, although we know what we know and realize sleep is markedly different from awake, who can prove waking life reality is not simply a wakeful dream state? What we perceive as real may be something else. After all, we didn’t create this reality, we only live in it.


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