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About Steven Humphreys author of Mystical Montage

Welcome to ‘mystical montage.’ I am Steven. This is where I share my thoughts about mystical experiences.

I am a down to earth guy who worked construction many years seeking a deeper understanding of life and mysteries of the universe.

When I first began studying mysticism decades ago, I sought to attain secret mystical knowledge along with occult powers. This is probably true of many in the beginning who are curious.

Now, that isn’t what matters to me. As one gets older, he appreciates more of what is left of his life. We all have to endure trials and tribulations. It doesn’t matter how much money you acquire, how smart you are nor how powerful, we all share the same destiny.

I hope something I have written will help you in some way. Life is one step at a time. And, being compassionate, understanding and caring matters. There is always room for self growth and we never reach a state of perfection. A rainbow moves away from us as we try to reach it, but we enjoy what else we see along the way.