Hello, I am Steven and wrote all pages within ‘mystical montage’. This is my place where I share my thoughts about mysticism and the occult. I am so glad you have visited me.

When I first began my study of mysticism many decades ago, I sought to obtain secret mystical knowledge along with occult powers. This is true of many in the beginning who are curious about the strange and unseen.

As one gets older, time becomes more precious than when he was young. We all have to endure trials and tribulations. But, it doesn’t matter how much money you acquire, how smart you are nor how powerful: we all share the same destiny.

We all someday will have to go through a transition to the ‘other side’. That’s why I think some would like to know what it’s like before we ‘pass on’. We hear more and more stories about those who have experienced it and have come back to tell us their story.

Although, we are not alone in life and do share it with others, our experience of it is truly our own

I hope you will identify with something I have written. You take life one step at a time, not by leaps and bounds. What kind of people do we want to be like? Do we aspire to be more compassionate, understanding and caring toward others? How do we want to be treated by others? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was peaceful? How would our world be then?

There is always room for self growth and no human will never reach a state of perfection within a mere lifespan. A rainbow moves away from us as fast as we try to chase it. Like chasing rainbows, enjoying the journey along the way in achieving our goals in life will make for a much happier life.