What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life? What’s the purpose of this ‘living thing’ we all are doing on planet earth? Why grow? Why mature? Why is there all this struggle? What does it matter? Why bother with being serious about anything? No one told me what life is all about. I know, I looked everywhere for Continue reading

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How do you go into the Mystic?

How do you go into the mystic experience or realm? At some point in your psychic development, you may be appointed allowed to enter Continue reading

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How to meditate

Being the world was made the way it is and there are inherent consequences from how we choose to live, we must realize that how we consciously choose affects our lives for better or worse. But, it’s the for the ‘worse’ part of it that seems to Continue reading

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Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown is natural. Fear is an inborn feeling behind fight or flight. But, all gets obscure, say when a tooth needs to be pulled or filled at the dentist (that is, if you happen to have any fears about it.) In my opinion, fear of the known is probably a Continue reading

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The Invisible Masters

I remember once I was visited by a group who were all dressed the same. I call them ‘the invisible masters’. They were only a non-physical presence. I knew I was under Continue reading

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Joining a mystical or occult organization

What are my views on joining a mystical or occult organization? I think if you join the right one, it could be beneficial to ones advancement. They do have study material. But, intellectualizing does not do it. Advancement is more mood and feeling. I would be very careful who I got myself Continue reading

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Are all prayers answered?

Are all prayers answered? Good question. Do any prayers get answered? If so, which ones do and don’t? You see older people who seem to become even more religious. Maybe, partly it’s fear of Continue reading

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How to be happy

We have the right to pursue our own happiness. Does anyone know where to look for happiness? Where is it? What is it? How to be happy is the Continue reading

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Mystics in a modern world

Where are all the mystics in a modern world? Where do they fit in this day and age? I don’t think most would advertise what they are. I mean, you won’t find them standing around saying wise things wearing white robes. I believe a true mystic would Continue reading

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What is a mystical experience?

What is a mystical experience? I have had strange happenings or many a mystical experience; some of which I won’t talk about. But, there have been others that I may Continue reading

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