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Where is god?

Where is god? Is he hiding? Is he really our friend? Or, is he mainly our teacher? Does he reside ‘somewhere’? Is god here yet somewhere else at the same time? Is god a computer? Is he the programmer of … Continue reading

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Guided meditation

‘Binaural beats’ is a form of guided meditation which can facilitate an alpha, theta and delta brain wave state. When you listen to the sounds, do it at your

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What is spirituality? As I look around, I can easily spot those who are completely into their selves and only what they want. When I see selfishness and an attitude of entitlement ‘everything is all about me!’ and somebody owes … Continue reading

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Why am I here?

You probably have wondered at some point in your life ‘why am I here’? This is the ultimate question. What is our purpose? What is our mission? Who defines our ‘purpose and mission’ as individuals or as a species? Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Is this a Simulated reality?

Did it ever seem to you that life didn’t seem real? You are not alone. You might have wondered is this a simulated (or virtual) reality we all live in? Through my own personal study into what ‘exactly is reality?’ … Continue reading

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Out of body experience OOBE

I would prefer to share how to have an out of body experience because I have had the actual experience. But, unfortunately I can’t do that because I

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Are all prayers answered?

Are all prayers answered? Good question. Do any prayers get answered? If so, which ones do and don’t? You see older people who seem to become even more religious. Maybe, partly it’s fear of

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