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Is this real life?

Is this real life? Or, as the song goes, ‘is this just fantasy’! What if you created a ‘robot’ so much like humans, it was nearly impossible to tell the difference? Would it be ‘given’ a soul like Advertisements

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What is reality?

What is reality? Man has been trying to figure this one out ever since he became conscious enough to do so. Is anything real? How do you know what is real and what isn’t? The answer is, you

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The Invisible Masters

I remember once I was visited by a group who were all dressed the same. I call them ‘the invisible masters’. They were only a non-physical presence. I knew I was under

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Joining a mystical or occult organization

What are my views on joining a mystical or occult organization? I think if you join the right one, it could be beneficial to ones advancement. They do have study material. But, intellectualizing does not do it. Advancement is more … Continue reading

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How to be a mystic

Is there a short-cut how to be a mystic? I think the answer is you live like one. It takes time. If you are in a big hurry, this probably isn’t for you. Yet, you don’t have to live in a … Continue reading

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