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Egyptian pyramids

Why were the pyramids made? It is said, they were built especially for the Pharaohs. The ruler needed certain things to take with him after transition. Because of religious beliefs, many treasures were added deep inside

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What are Binaural beats?

Firstly, you have to get a pair of headphones. This is important they say, if you want to get in a meditative state or have the desire for having an out of body experience or OOBE. I bought a pair … Continue reading

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Mystical definition

What is the ‘mystical definition’? To me it is the unexplainable or inexplicable. It is a feeling, a symbol, a metaphor. It comes to you in many forms. Something mystical is

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What is reality?

What is reality? Man has been trying to figure this one out ever since he became conscious enough to do so. Is anything real? How do you know what is real and what isn’t? The answer is, you

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Law of Attraction

I don’t know exactly who originally made up the term ‘law of attraction’. But, it seems to be used loosely these days. I wrote a book ‘How to use your mind to get what you want: the magic under the hat’ some years ago … Continue reading

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The importance of love

What is the importance of love? Because of and because of not, we are who we are today. Whether it was given in abundance from our parents or withheld, we were made in that image, like it or not. Like clay, we … Continue reading

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What is intuition?

So, what is intuition? I will tell you that it’s something you should listen to when it nudges you like a feather or makes your gut hurt with that ‘sinking’ feeling. It’s that certain something you might want to

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How do you go into the Mystic?

How do you go into the mystic experience or realm? At some point in your psychic development, you may be appointed allowed to enter

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Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown is natural. Fear is an inborn feeling behind fight or flight. But, all gets obscure, say when a tooth needs to be pulled or filled at the dentist (that is, if you happen to have any fears … Continue reading

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The Invisible Masters

I remember once I was visited by a group who were all dressed the same. I call them ‘the invisible masters’. They were only a non-physical presence. I knew I was under

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