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Out of body experience OOBE

I would prefer to share how to have an out of body experience because I have had the actual experience. But, unfortunately I can’t do that because I Advertisements

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What is psychic sight?

What is psychic sight? Another word for it is clairvoyance. You could also call it ESP or extra sensory perception. It’s something you trust without so called

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What is intuition?

So, what is intuition? I will tell you that it’s something you should listen to when it nudges you like a feather or makes your gut hurt with that ‘sinking’ feeling. It’s that certain something you might want to

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How to meditate

Being the world was made the way it is and there are inherent consequences from how we choose to live, we must realize that how we consciously choose affects our lives for better or worse. But, it’s the for the ‘worse’ … Continue reading

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